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company naming tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Trap: Picking a Name That's Not Your #1 Choice.

If you select a name that was your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (or yikes) 6th or lower choice, you are sacrificing something. Keep in mind that your name is the keystone of your start-up. Don't sacrifice the success of your business on a second-tier company name.

Tip: Don't Be Different, Be Outstanding.

Any company can choose a name that's different. Your goal should be to select an uber-cool company name that stands head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

Trap: Don't Use Hyphens or Dashes in Your Domain Name.

If you use a domain name with a hyphen or a dash you're telling the world you couldn't obtain the non-hyphen domain name. Hyphens and dashes look unprofessional and will compromise your online status. They’re also incredibly difficult to communicate and you’re quite likely to be sending people to the wrong site, hopefully not your completion. Hyphens only stand as an obstacle between your customers and website!

Tip: Harmonize Your Company Name With Your Strategic Objectives.

Many start-ups fail to align their name with the key strategic objectives of their firms. A great name communicates a core message in a flash of a second.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Start With Every Advantage

Brandings® makes it easy to start your business with a world-class identity. We've developed a complete brand package that comes with all the key elements you'll need to start your business right. We call it your ready-to-use "Brand-In-A-Box."

At Brandings® we've turned the traditional company name development model upside-down. We skip the fancy-presentations, expensive glossy brochures and months of big-budget meetings that are hallmarks of traditional bloated company name development firms. With your "Brand-In-A-Box" you'll get a premium company name, dot-com domain, brand identity and logo design, any and all common-law "TM" trademark rights, brand concept board and identity palette and more at rock-bottom prices.

What You'll Get ...

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Premium Company Name

At the core of a formidable brand is a commanding name. At Brandings®, we know how to name companies and products. Our naming professionals just have a knack for creating great business brands -- names that are catchy, cool and positioned for growth.

These developed company and product names are inventoried in our on-line catalog and can be easily searched. It's easy to find the perfect brand name for your venture. Click here to search for your company name now.

We love the challenge of finding the perfect name for new businesses and like talking to our clients. So if you want to talk about your naming project, or you just want to kick some naming ideas around, give our Brand Development Team a call at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA and Canada; Global Clients 1-310-246-5100) or shoot us an e-mail at

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Exact-Match Dot-Com Domain Name

It's a fact. The dot-com domain extension means business. 96% of new businesses funded by venture capital firms launch with an exact-match dot-com domain extension. And virtually every Fortune 500 company can be found online by their exact-match domain name.

Today the dot-com extension is now more important than ever before. With the flood of hundreds of domain extensions like dot-pizza, dot-solar, dot-technology, dot-land, dot-football entering the market-- businesses are turning to the rock-solid recognition of dot-com.

No major-league business begins today without owning the exact match dot-com domain name - nor should you. "Not-com" tells your audience that you're "not serious." That's why each of our brand packages comes with a dot-com domain that is identical to the company name.

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Custom Brand Identity & Logo

To help stretch your budget further, each brand package comes with a customizable brand identity and logo design. Once you have found the perfect name in our catalog, our design team can change the typefont, colors and image – at no additional cost. You'll have a fresh brand identity and logo design as unique as your new venture.

You'll see that in our online catalog our graphics team has created an initial design concept for each brand. If you like the brand as it's designed -- great! And if you would like the design changed a little or if you're looking for a completely different concept, we'll work with you to create the perfect identity. Best of all, there is no additional cost or charge.

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Brand Concept Board & Design Palette

We'll develop an identity that captures the personality of your firm and we'll present the design elements for you to use when you make marketing and brand decisions -- now and in the years to come.

You'll get a custom "Brand Concept Board & Design Palette" -- created just for you. Our experts in marketing, design and consumer psychology understand the interaction of color, symbolism, imagery, balance, evocation and design. You'll want to refer to your "Brand Concept Board & Design Palette" to ensure congruity with all your brand activities as you launch and grow your company.

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Ready-to-Use Website Template Theme

You'll get a ready-to-use website template theme that will increase your online visibility from day one. It's an easy way to establish an immediate online web presence for your new venture.

We'll send you a professional WordPress website template theme that you can simply upload or inport and install yourself on virtually any web hosting plan. Best of all, no technical of programming experience is necessary. We'll walk you through it all step-by-step. Click here for a live demo of the website template.

The template will work as a simple starter website or a fully developed site. It will look great if you just want to announce that your business is “Coming Soon" or as a more complex website with multiple sections or pages and developed content. We've built in flexibility so your website can expand as your company grows.

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"TM" Common-Law Trademark Certificate

You'll receive certification that irrevocably and perpetually assigns, transfers and conveys all rights, titles and interests to you. You'll also receive conveyance of any and all common-law trademark rights -- including the "TM" symbol designation -- transferred to you as part of the purchase. After the transfer is complete you will have 100% ownership and control of the domain and the mark.

A Certificate of Purchase and Transfer of Common-Law Trademark Rights will document the date Brandings®established initial use of the mark and attests to the continuous use of the mark under 15 U.S.C. § 106 of the Lanham Act enacted by the United States Congress in 1946. The Certificate will warrant that the mark is free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances and that Brandings® has full legal right, power and authority to sell, assign and transfer the mark. Click here for more information on trademark protection.

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Express Transfer

We know that you'll want to get started quickly. Brandings® owns every brand name in our inventory. We will express transfer the name, brand logo, domain name and other brand elements to you so you can begin the important work of building your new business.

You'll be assigned an account representative who will be your point of contact. Your account rep will be your direct point of contact -- available to answer your questions and ensure that all brand package elements are transferred expediently. They'll also be coordinating all brand design activities between you and members of our graphics team.

If you ever have a question, we're just a phone call away. If you prefer to communicate via e-mail, just send us a message at Our real live human team members are in the office available Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm (We're in California so that's Pacific Standard Time).

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Screening & Testing

Each brand name is screened for "ownability” and tested to determine consumer reaction. We want to learn how targeted consumers feel about the name and the emotion that the brand name evokes. The brand must also pass ridged quality checks to be included in our inventory. For more information on our brand assessment process, click here.

We also perform a preliminary search through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database to ascertain if an exact-match trademark has been registered. The result is a captivating and distinctive brand name and identity that's ready to soar.

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