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company naming tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Trap: Picking a Name That's Not Your #1 Choice.

If you select a name that was your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (or yikes) 6th or lower choice, you are sacrificing something. Keep in mind that your name is the keystone of your start-up. Don't sacrifice the success of your business on a second-tier company name.

Tip: Don't Be Different, Be Outstanding.

Any company can choose a name that's different. Your goal should be to select an uber-cool company name that stands head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

Trap: Don't Use Hyphens or Dashes in Your Domain Name.

If you use a domain name with a hyphen or a dash you're telling the world you couldn't obtain the non-hyphen domain name. Hyphens and dashes look unprofessional and will compromise your online status. They’re also incredibly difficult to communicate and you’re quite likely to be sending people to the wrong site, hopefully not your completion. Hyphens only stand as an obstacle between your customers and website!

Tip: Harmonize Your Company Name With Your Strategic Objectives.

Many start-ups fail to align their name with the key strategic objectives of their firms. A great name communicates a core message in a flash of a second.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Custom Brand Naming, Design and Trademark Services for Your Business

Brandings® has developed the largest global inventory of pre-developed company names and product names that come complete with dot-com domain names and targeted logo design.

But we also realize that that may not work for everyone. If the names from our ready-to-use inventory doesn’t quite fit your needs -- you can put the Brandings® Custom Company Naming team to work for you through our custom company naming services.

Our etymologists, wordsmiths and naming gurus will develop a set of fresh, new, 100% unique company names specifically for your business. We'll send you a comprehensive naming questionnaire that serves as the basis of the name development for your specific project. Your answers on the questionnaire will provide our naming team with direction on the nature and scope of your project.

Fresh Company Names Developed Specifically for Your Start-Up

We'll put together a team internally, and go through your Custom Naming Questionnaire (all information is held in the strictest confidence) and begin the creative naming process.

We work with your Target Market and Market Demographics in mind, to develop an insightful, standout and unique company name.  Within a couple of business days you’ll receive your custom Brand Name Recommendation Report listing brand new business names all with "exact-match" dot-com availability. The custom business names we recommend are never in our pre-developed inventory and have never been registered.

Your custom Brand Name Recommendation Report will detail the conceptual framework, methodology, illustrative themes, key messages, input elements, objectives and other foundational factors that guided us through your project.

We will explain our approach to your project, the tools and methodology that we used in the name development process and our collective thought process in creating names specifically for your business.

It's our goal to be as transparent as possible. This will help you understand why we developed and recommended the set of names for your business and will make it easy to share our thoughts and ideas with other stake holders.

Custom Company Naming
Entrepreneur Custom Company Naming
Executive Custom Company Naming
Enterprise Custom Company Naming

Quality Company Naming

The naming team adheres to Brandings®company naming guidelines to ensure the highest quality business or product name. We will focus on developing new company or product names that are ...

  • Short in Length -- generally fewer than 11 characters.
  • Easy to Spell -- we stay away from unusual spellings, (unless it is strategically done for a specific project).
  • Easy to Pronounce -- business names that sound right, your business name needs to be communicated from person to person.
  • Unforgettable -- company names that stick in the mind of your customers.
  • Unique -- distinctive business names that stand out from your competitors.
  • Hyphen-Free -- hyphens will only confuse your audience.
  • Evocative -- names that evoke a positive association with your core benefits and competitive advantage.
  • Dot-Com Availability -- the dot-com domain extension is the global choice for business.

After our naming team completes your brand development project, you will have full control and ownership of your domain name. You'll simply register your new domain with the domain registrar of your choice -- like, or (These registrars charge an annual fee of about $10.) If you have questions during the process, the Brandings® Team is here to help. There are no additional fees or charges of any kind from Brandings®.

Our Company Naming Process

Understanding Your Business

Your project begins with an understanding of your internal and external environments.

help naming your company
custom company naming service
Your Naming Team

We explain how we approached your naming project.

company naming for every sized business
Strategic Focus

We'll spell out the input sources, requirements and objectives that guided your project.

we work together to name your business
Foundational Messaging & Your Polestar Core

With your input, we'll craft a core communication message and word set that we feel capture the unique personality of your venture.

Conceptual Framework

We'll share the conceptual frame we employed in developing names for your project.

collaborative company naming
how we'll work with you to name your business
Brand Name Recommendations

You'll get a powerful set of custom-crafted brand names all with the matching dot-com domain.

developing a targeted brand name
Name Evaluation & Selection

We'll share our insights on how to select the best name for your venture.

how we can work together to name your company
Synthesizing Your Feedback (Brand Genesis & Enterprise packages)

When you order our Brand Genesis or Enterprise Custom Naming packages, we'll get input from you on our process and recommendations.

Naming Cluster Report

Your naming team will reconvene and develop a refined, fresh set of names clustered around your preferred Polestar Core word choices and evocation preferences.

we work with you to develop a custom business name
working together for a custom brand name
Additional Recommendations & Collaboration

For our Enterprise Custom Naming clients, we'll continue with additional rounds of input, collaboration and name development. Our naming team will work with you to refine recommendations until we've found the perfect name for your venture.

custom brand naming service
Trademark Screening & Domain Procurement (Enterprise package)

Our naming team will undertake preliminary trademark screening and domain name procurement.

Our Brand Identity & Logo Development Process

Understanding Your Business

As with your brand name development, your brand identity project begins with an understanding of your internal and external environments.

custom brand naming servcie
From Concept to Final Brand Logo

With your input, we'll craft a core communication message and word set that we feel capture the unique personality of your venture.

custom company naming service
Color Selection

We'll help you select the colors that most favorably communicate your core brand message.

custom brand naming service
service to name a brand
Typefont Selection

Our graphics team will prepare an artboard displaying your name in over 800 typestyles and fonts.

service to name my company
Graphic Image Selection

If you would like to include a graphic image as part of your brand design, you'll have access to over 10,000 icons and vector images to choose from.

Brand Concepts

With your input, we'll help you narrow your design concepts to your top choices.

brand naming service
product naming service
Design Refinements

The next stage of the process involves the fine-tuning of your preferred concept. Our graphics team will work with you to refine the concept to meet your exact specifications.

Final Brand Design & Logo

After you’re 100% satisfied with the revisions and fine-tuning -- and we’ve ensured that the concept meets all positioning objectives -- we’ll prepare the final design. You’ll receive your design in the files and formats for web, print and vector use.

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Your Brand Concept Board & Design Palette

We'll provide you a brand Concept Board & Design Palette that we developed for your project. We'll outline the key elements of your brand identity on this document. The color palette, corresponding RGB color codes, typefont, graphic elements and core brand messages used in the creation of your brand logo are presented on this board for print, web, branding and collateral uses. You'll want to refer to your Concept Board & Design Palette to help align your branding decisions with your company strategy.

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Get Started Now

We have brand naming solutions for every budget. Select the company naming package that works best for your start-up.

If you have any questions, please call the Brandings® Brand Development Team today at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-310-246-5100 (Worldwide) or simply click here to contact our office via e-mail: