Efficiat Name Data Profile & Evaluation:

Brandings® offers a wide range of services to get your new venture started right. The price listed includes the premium domain name, logo design and brand logo/identity redesign, preliminary name screening, and initial business webpage.

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Brand Name: Efficiat

Premium Domain Name(s) Included:

Name Development: Name developed through Brandings® proprietary company naming architecture.

Logo Design Concept & Redesign: Included

Preliminary Name Screening: Included

Ownership: Full ownership and control. Efficiat is available now. has been screened, researched and verified.


Strategic Planning Services: Take advantage of Brandings® consulting services to aid in building Efficiat. Whether you are looking for long term strategic planning, step-by-step business plan development or corporate repositioning, we will help you hit your target.

Marketing Material & Design Services: Put the Brandings® design team to work for you. we will create custom brochures, business cards, promotional material and more. All work will be custom-tailored for Efficiat until it meets your firm-specific positioning objectives.

Global Trademark Screening: Our research team will undertake advanced screening on key elements for use of the name Efficiat. The trademark search all major trademark registries.

Market Research & Testing: Based on your company needs, we will conduct quantitative and qualitative research for Efficiat to ensure congruence with your strategic objectives.

Incorporation Services: Streamline your operations, increase access to outside investment and maintain greater overall flexibility by incorporating your business.

Web Design & Hosting Services: Our design professionals will work with you to create an interactive on-line experience for Efficiat that meets your business needs.

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Name Length: Excellent. Pointed and clear.

Commercial Brand Value: Engaging, short and memorable, flexible for use across multiple markets and varied industries.

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Coolness Factor: Excellent. Very cool company name.

Expandability: Highly expandable.

Visual Design: Evocative and unique.

Linguistic Value: Excellent. Brand name contains all ASCII characters; name is in English and does not require use of foreign language pack for non-ASCII language characters.

Alphabetic/Non-Alphabetic Characters: Excellent. Name does not contain numbers or hyphens. This makes the company name more valuable.

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