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company naming tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Trap: Picking a Name That's Not Your #1 Choice.

If you select a name that was your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (or yikes) 6th or lower choice, you are sacrificing something. Keep in mind that your name is the keystone of your start-up. Don't sacrifice the success of your business on a second-tier company name.

Tip: Don't Be Different, Be Outstanding.

Any company can choose a name that's different. Your goal should be to select an uber-cool company name that stands head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

Trap: Don't Use Hyphens or Dashes in Your Domain Name.

If you use a domain name with a hyphen or a dash you're telling the world you couldn't obtain the non-hyphen domain name. Hyphens and dashes look unprofessional and will compromise your online status. They’re also incredibly difficult to communicate and you’re quite likely to be sending people to the wrong site, hopefully not your completion. Hyphens only stand as an obstacle between your customers and website!

Tip: Harmonize Your Company Name With Your Strategic Objectives.

Many start-ups fail to align their name with the key strategic objectives of their firms. A great name communicates a core message in a flash of a second.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Powerful Brand Name Generator

Brand Name generator

Find the perfect brand name for your company or product through the Brandings Brand Name Generator. This powerful brand name generator will create 250 unique and available brand names within seconds.

You’ll find a number of brand name generators on the net that “create” business names but, the most common complaint users report is the fact that the names these generators create are unavailable. Users have found that the dot-com domain name has been taken or the name is in use by another company. With the Brandings Brand Name Generator every name has been screened, has an available exact match dot-com domain and is ready for immediate use.

How do know this? Because Brandings already owns the domain names. Every company name or product name that you’ll find on the generator is already owned by Brandings. So unlike the other “generators” which may provide great names which are unavailable, the Brandings Brand Name Generator provides brand names that are immediately available and they can be immediately transferred over to you.

Take Advantage of Brand Name Generator

We've undertaken one of the most comprehensive studies on the characteristics and attributes of successful company names and other factors that increase the chance of startup success. Our start-up experts and naming professionals have distilled our findings into a set of practical, hands-on ideas and suggestions that will assist you in your own firm-specific name development and start-up process. We'll continue to share key findings from our research, so continue to check back.

brand name generator

So if you're looking for a highly "created" or "invented" brand name, check-out our Brand Name Generator. Fabricated names can be used in multiple industries and across various markets.

With Brand Name Generator you will only receive brand names with the exact-match available .com domain name so you can get started with your new business right away.

We Make it Easy to Find a Cool Brand Name

click here for brand name generator

Still More Brand Names!

In addition to the Brand Name Generator, you can find thousands of pre-developed product brand names and company names in the Brandings brand name inventory. All these names are broken down by industry and category just one click away.  Follow this link to search for the perfect brand name.

Whatever your company naming needs, we are here to help. Call Brandings Client Service Team today at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-310-246-5100 (Worldwide) or simply click here to contact our office via e-mail:

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