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Welcome to the Brandings® Information Resource Center. We have put together a collection of the best articles, postings, white papers, research and other informational resources in the area of company naming, logo development and domain names selection. To help get your new business off the ground, or to reinvigorate an existing business we invite you to read our varied selection of articles and postings. We welcome your input and comments on our blog: Brandings Blog

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TOPIC: Strategic Planning for the Success of your Startup We hate to say it but… just launching your product or startup does not mean it will be a success.  Without strategic planning for that startups future you can’t expect it to get very far.  Our experts have produced 5 Questions for Startup Optimization and a few other questions that will be greatly beneficial for your startups future. Learn more about: planning for your startups' future

TOPIC: Even Huge Companies Make Product Name Mistakes We’ve taken a recent Press Release by our Director on a recent product naming blunder made by Sara Lee and turned it into a great article about naming a product and the pitfalls to avoid along the way. Learn more about Sara Lee’s Product Naming Trouble

TOPIC: Insider Tips for Recent Grads to Launch a Successful Startup What do you do when you first leave college and the job market is tough?  Well, smart recent college grads launch a startup and we’ve asked an expert his top 3 tips specifically for new grads to launch their startup successfully. Learn more here: 3 Tips for Grads Looking to Launch a StartUp

TOPIC: About the New Domain Name Extensions and what they Mean for Your Business With ICANN releasing more and more domain name extensions (com, net, xxx, mex, food, tv) you may be wondering what that means for your business.  The Brandings Brand Development Team has put together the info you’ll need to navigate the changing web.  Learn more here: What are the New Domain Name Extensions

TOPIC: Trademark and the Issues You May Face The instant your new business or product name is used in the marketplace, trademark considerations come into play. And unless you are a very small local retail store -- like the corner beauty salon or dry cleaner -- the selection of a great name that you can legally use is essential. trademarking and more...

TOPIC:  What are These "Brandable" Names So you’ve done it. You’ve found what you think is the perfect name for your new business. But there is a big difference between finding a great name and finding a great name that is both available and brandable. Entrepreneurs need to ask themselves three questions … Is the business name available? Is the domain name available? Is the name “brandable”? more about these "Brandable" Business Names....

TOPIC: Brand Name Generator Specifically for Tech Startups Recently the internet has been flooded with business name generators and to make things worse, most of them don’t even generate names that are available.  The Brandings Tech Company Name Generator will not only generator available business names with the exact match dot-com domain name but, we’ll go even one further, they’ll all be perfectly suited for a business or startup in the tech industry.  Check out what we mean with these 250 Tech Startup Names: Tech Business Name Generator

TOPIC:  7 Tips for Product Name Development The development of a successful brand name is part science and part art. It is imperative that a firm conduct foundational research to comprehensively understand internal and external environmental forces. Demographic and psycho-graphic research is undertaken to ascertain the guiding fundamentals essential for integration with the firms’ marketing mix, brand positioning and brand development. more...

TOPIC: What's in Your Company Naming Package With your predeveloped brand package, you'll get everything you'll need to get off on the right startup.  You'll find other companies that promise everything we do, just not all in one place, in a package, ready to go!  Learn more about or Brand Packages.....

How IT Brandings Process Works The business landscape changes quickly. When you have a new Technology business or product you need a evocative name … and you usually need it immediately. We’ve turned the naming architecture model upside-down to provide our clients with a fast, cost effective method in nomenclature development. More about how we Name Information Tech Businesses........

TOPIC: Finance Brand and Product Name Generator. Developing a name for your Finance company is difficult, and finding one where you can still find the exact match dot-com domain name in near impossible.  With that in mind, the Brandings Brand Development Team has put together the Available Finance Company Name Generator.

TOPIC: Tips for Branding Strategy Many small business owners think that strategic planning is just for blue-chip companies but, they couldn't be more wrong. The Brandings Brand Development Team has put together 5 strategic planning questions that every entrepreneur should be able to answer.  Learn the brand strategic questions here: Tips for Branding Strategy

TOPIC: Brand Name Generator Find the perfect brand name for your company or product through the Brandings Brand Name Generator. This powerful brand name generator will create 250 unique and available brand names within seconds. If you're tired of developing the perfect brand name just to find out that name and domain are already taken just click here for 250 brand names that are available and ready for use: Brand Name Generator

TOPIC: Tips and Ideas for Finding Available Business Names  Our business and product experts share their insights on how you can find a high-quality, available business and brand names even available company names. We’ll share our 26 Greatest Tips and Ideas on Selecting an Available Company Name. To read the full article, click here:  Ideas for Finding Available Company Names

TOPIC: 4 Steps to Logo Design and Creation Process There are four steps in the Brandings design process. 1. Understanding Your Business; 2. Creative Process; 3. Revision Phase; and, 4. Final Design. After you’re completely satisfied with the revisions and fine-tuning and we’ve ensured that the concept meets all positioning objectives, we’ll prepare the final design. You’ll receive your design in the files and formats for multiple uses. more about the design process...

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TOPIC: Names for Technology Companies The naming architecture approach for technology companies is somewhat unique. Many technology names are “portmanteaus” -- a word whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms. Examples include, Anatech (ANAlog TECHnology), Corel (COwpland REsearch Laboratory), eBay (Echo Bay Technology Group), LG (merger of two Korean brands, Lucky and Goldstar), MicroSoft (MICROcomputer SOFTware). more on the Factors that Go into Naming a Tech Company....

TOPIC: Search Tips for Finding a Targeted Business Name Branding has the largest global inventory of company names so we’ve put together some tips to finding your name as quickly as possible. We’ve broken our company names down by category and again by subcategory. Use this page to get to your company name as soon as possible. Learn more about: available business name search tips

TOPIC: Brand Identity & Design  At its very core “brand identity” is a promise. It’s a promise made from a firm to a customer that certain things will occur. And it is a way that a company communicates characteristics of the products, services and attributes of the very company itself. In this article, our marketing specialists share insights on brand identity and the link between the brand “personality” and your firm. To read the full article, click here:  Key Insights on Brand Identity and Design

TOPIC: Business Name Generator Specifically for a Construction Company  The hardest part of starting and construction shouldn’t be finding an available company name for it!  The Brandings Brand Development Team has pull 250 available names built specifically for the construction industry; including design, construction and repair.  Check out what we mean with these 250 Available Construction Company Names

TOPIC: Available Restaurant Business Name Generator The Brandings Brand Development Team loves restaurant names that stand out but, we know that the only thing tougher then opening a restaurant is naming one (and finding the exact match dot-com domain name that goes along with it). The Brandings Team has put together this Restaurant Name Generator that pulls available restaurant names so you can get working today! Learn more here: Available Names for a Restaurant Generator

TOPIC: How to Position a Brand  Brand positioning is at the very core of a successful brand. Learn key tips on how to position your start-up brand. Great ideas for new businesses and new products. Find out why strong branding can make-or-break your new venture. To read the full article, click here:  Brand Positioning

TOPIC: Catchy Business Names  Discover the catchiest company names and domain names – and what makes them so memorable. Use Brandings®name generator or come up with your own catchy business name. If you’re looking for a catchy business name or a catchy domain name get ideas in this posting. To read the full article, click here:  How to Find a Catchy Name for Your Business

TOPIC: Clever Names for a New Business  If you’re looking for a clever, easy-to-remember, unique business name we’ll walk you through the steps to finding a perfect one. Our experts discuss unique and, clever business names and clever company names. We’ll show you how to use Brandings®“Clever Name Generator” to find the right name for your business. To read the full article, click here:  6 Tips for a Clever Brand Name

TOPIC: What Makes a Good Business Name?  Discover the characteristics that make for a good business name. Learn about affordable online branding, branding and market research. Our naming experts share the inside-scoop to finding good business names, affordable branding services and branding market research. To read the full article, click here:  Good Business Names for a Startup

TOPIC: Company Naming Consultancy  There are major naming architecture firms used by large companies in branding or rebranding the company brand or an organization’s products or services. These enterprises charge substantial fees to aid businesses in creating a suitable company name. The work of successful brand development firms, naming architecture firms and brand consultants is deeply rooted in intensive internal and external research. Our start-up experts discuss the advantages and disadvantages of contacting with a naming architecture firm. To read the full article, click here:  Naming Architecture Firm

TOPIC: Real Estate Company Name Generator  This Company Name Generator specifically designed for the Real Estate Industry is sure to unload the burden of developing a Real Estate Name.  A simple download will present you with 450 available names for your Real Estate Company and even if you don’t use any of these names, you can use them as inspiration for developing your own Real Estate Company Name.  Check out what we mean with these 250 Real Estate Company Names: Real Estate Company Name Generator

TOPIC: Product Naming Challenges  Naming a product is different than naming a company. In this forum, our naming team will identify some of the challenges unique to product naming and key solutions. We’ll share insights on the elements of a great product name. What to look for in a successful product name … and what to avoid. To read the full article, click here:  Find Cool Product Names

TOPIC: Great Website Names  This article will help get you started in your search for a great website name. Check out thousands of cool web names perfect for all types of businesses. Great choices on website development and website hosting. To read the full article, click here:  Cool Names for Websites

TOPIC: Who We Are & What We Do  In this article we’ll share the history of Brandings® and its growth to become a global leader in premium designed company names. You’ll get a great sense of who we are and what we do. Find out why Brandings® is the start-up professional’s choice for company names, business logos and company domain names. To read the full article, click here:  About

TOPIC: The Secret to a Choosing a Great Name  We know a great company or product name when we see and hear it. Something about the name just sounds right. In this forum our naming team shares insights on the factors that make a name great. We’ll reveal the rules etymologists follow in the creation of a winning name. To read the full article, click here:  Components of a Great Name

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TOPIC: Articles & Hot Topics for Your Start-Up  The naming, design and start-up experts at Brandings® share their insights on topics important to entrepreneurs. Articles include small business branding, logo design, best practices in small business, start-up corporate identity, finding an available business name, logos of companies with names and many more. You’ll find these free articles clear, easy-to-read, and focused.   Articles & Resources for Your Start-Up

TOPIC: Brandings® Questions and Answers  Get answers to all your company naming, branding, logo design, and domain name questions from the experts at You will find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. A great resource to you get started. To read the full article, click here: FAQs

TOPIC: Winning Business Logos & Design Concepts  The Brandings®design professionals discuss the key steps in the logo design process. We’ll review a varied selection of business logos, company logos, corporate business logos, and professional designs. Topics include the “must-know” basics in custom logo design, company taglines and brand designs. To read the full article, click here:  Business Logos and Designs

TOPIC: Business Name Ideas  Looking to create a great company name? Our etymologists and naming experts share the secrets of great company name creation. This article helps you come up with business name ideas, logo ideas and product name ideas. If you’re looking to brainstorm a name for your new venture, you’ll find the tips in this article essential. To read the full article, click here:  Get Started With Cool Business Name Tips and Ideas

TOPIC: Start-Up Business Plan Template  In this article our start-up experts walk through the steps in planning and launching a new venture. This report has some significant findings for entrepreneurs. Check out the full report and use this start-up template to help you reach your start-up goals. To read the full article, click here:  Business Plan Template for a Start-Up Business

TOPIC: Color Guide  Take a look at our color guide to find the right color for your business logo. The color guide is a key tool in "Mix-and-Match" Logo Design Process. You will find the perfect color for your logo design here. Color Guide

TOPIC: Company Names   Take a look at the powerful company names that have been screened, tested, designed and available for immediate use. Brandings on-line catalog provides an easy-to-use search to find the perfect pre-developed name for your start-up. To read the full article, click here:  Company Names

TOPIC: Putting our etymologists, wordsmiths and naming gurus to work for you.  Our Brand Development Team will develop a set of fresh, new, 100% unique company names specifically for your business. We’ll send you a comprehensive naming questionnaire that serves as the basis of the name development for your specific project. Your answers on the questionnaire will provide our naming team with direction on the nature and scope of your project. Learn More about Our Custom Company Naming Packages..... 

TOPIC: Create a Name With Brandings® Free Company Name Generator  Find the perfect business name with Company Name Generator. Generate thousands of great company names. To read the full article, click here:  Company Name Generator

TOPIC: Learn How the Brandings Redesigns Logos for Brand Synergy The Brandings Brand Package comes with the logo you see on the site but, if the logo isn’t in perfect sync with your brand package we’ll gladly redesign it, based on information you provide us.  The best part… it’s included in the price listed below each predeveloped brand name.  To learn more about how we go about the redesign, click here: Brandings Approach to Included Logo Redesign

TOPIC: Company Naming  Get the expert inside-scoop on company naming, business naming and corporate name development. In this article you’ll learn the fundamentals of business naming and you’ll get insights on the custom naming and consulting services at Brandings. To read the full article, click here:  Company Naming Options for your Startup

TOPIC: Contact Us  The Brandings® Brand Development Team is available to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us for information on our services or if you just want to bounce ideas off our naming development experts. We’re here to help with your company name development, corporate image and identity and .com domain name selection. To read the full article, click here:  Address for

TOPIC: Cool Company Names  Our naming experts share their insights on the factors that make a company name "cool." We will share examples of hundreds of cool company names and how you can find the perfect "cool "name for your company. When it comes to cool company names -- no one has a hotter collection of cool names. To read the full article, click here:  Cool Company Names for a New Venture

TOPIC: How to Create a Company Logo - for Free  Find out how you can create your company logo for free. Our design team will walk you through the key elements of great design and help you create a great logo design. We’ll cover topics including design strategy, form, shape, image, typestyle, color and more. If you’re looking for logo ideas or to create company logos for free, check out this article." To read the full article, click here:  Free - Create Company Logos

TOPIC: Get Started at  You have come up with a fantastic concept and in the article our experts share the three simple steps to finding a powerful company name and .com domain. We’ll provide you with the details of the naming, design, and domain services at Brandings® and explain each step in the process. To read the full article, click here:  How to Get Started in Company Naming

TOPIC: Global Solutions at Brandings  When it comes to small business in today’s business marketplace, small and mid-size firms are not restricted by location or boundaries. It's important for entrepreneurs to select a company name and website name that won’t limit your growth and expansion plans. This posting will explore the implications of the .com domain as the global extension of choice in business. We’ll look at the characteristics of a great company name with international appeal and the selection of high quality domain names that have universal application. To read the full article, click here:  Global Company Naming Solutions

TOPIC: How the Process at Brandings® Works  In this article we’ll walk you through the services available at Brandings. Our experts share their insights on company naming, domain name selection, logo design, trademark issues, and other topics important to small business. Learn how Brandings®has turned the naming architecture model upside-down to provide clients with a fast, cost effective method in nomenclature development, logo design and domain name procurement. To read the full article, click here:  How the Company Naming Process Works

TOPIC: How to Name a Business: The Keys to Success  In this article our naming experts provide the 12 Steps to Naming Your Business. This easy-to-read step-by-step format should provide you with the answers you were looking for as you look to select the perfect name for your new startup. To read the full article, click here:  Learn How to Name a Business

TOPIC: What a Unique Name Can Do for Your Business  What can a unique business name do for you?  The Brandings team not only spells out how a unique business name can greatly help your business but that unique business or product name can help launch your business successfully. To read the full article, click here: Unique Names for a Business

TOPIC: Names for Pharmaceutical Firms Changes in legislation have significantly altered the marketing and advertising of pharmaceutical products. What was once a fairly stodgy, static industry has now become increasing dynamic and a new emphasis in brand name development has emerged. Unlike consumer products, most pharmaceutical products typically have three names associated with them – their chemical name, their generic name and their brand name. Learn more about the challenges of Pharmaceutical Brand Naming.............

TOPIC: Brandings® Human Resources  Find out about the career opportunities at Current job listing are posted in this directory. Brandings® seeks the most talented naming professionals, designers, strategic planners, technology professionals and legal minds to add to our team. Check back frequently to learn of the job openings available at To read the full article, click here:  Brandings Human Resources

TOPIC: Premium Quality Domain Names  Discover why your choice of the right domain name could mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. In this posting our experts share key insights on what to look for in a great name – factors that include depth, vocalization, and linguistic value. To read the full article, click here:  Premium .COM Domain Names

TOPIC: Great Technology Names  The naming architecture approach for technology companies is somewhat unique. In this article our naming experts share their insights in the unique application of naming a technology business. Get the facts on what to look for and what to avoid when selecting a name for a tech firm. Our experts share tips and strategies in the development of a cool technology names. To read the full article, click here:  Cool Technology Names

TOPIC: Hear from Our Clients Get insights on company naming from clients. This article will help you decide if Brandings® is right for your start-up. We think there is no better way to get to know a company then to listen to its client! To read the full article, click here:  Testimonials & Client Feedback

TOPIC: Brandings Typefont Guide  Handy typefont guide to find the perfect font for your logo project. Choose from a wide selection of typestyles to capture the heart and soul of your company. To read the full article, click here:   Brandings Typefont Guide

TOPIC: What is a Domain Name?  This article is an introduction to domain names. This article is intended for the beginner just getting a business off the ground. If you want to learn the basics of domain names, check out this posting. Our domain professionals will walk you through all the key elements of domains step-by-step. To read the full article, click here:  Learn More About Domain Names