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Screened, Tested, Designed, Ready

At Brandings we’ve turned the traditional brand development and company naming model upside-down. We’ve created a brand inventory catalog of names that have been screened, tested, designed and ready for immediate use.

How the Brandings Brand Development process works …

Business Name Creation: Brandings linguists and etymologists love the alphabet. They savor succulent, powerful words and have developed algorithms that combine letters in unique ways. In conjunction with our strategy team, our linguistics team creates brilliant names in markets we determine to be high-growth.

Screening Your Business Names: But name creation is just the first step. Names are screened through global trademark databases to preliminarily check for “ownability.” We’ve created thousands of great names only to find out they are in use somewhere in the world. So we’ll screen out any name that is a registered trademark* or is “confusingly similar” to another brand.

Preliminary Evocation Testing: If a name passes initial screening, it is then tested to determine what feelings or emotions evoked. We want to learn what select consumers feel about the name, the emotion that the name evokes, if there are pronunciation or other issues. Our research team employs focus groups, surveys, depth interviews, and/or other quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to get a better understanding of each name.

Dot.Com Domain Name Procurement. After screening and testing we work to obtain the .com domain name. The .com TLD (top level domain) is far-and-away the global leader. Quite simply, for our clients, a great name is of little use unless they have the .com domain. We’ll work aggressively to obtain the domain name – often at considerable cost.

Preliminary Logo and Brand Design: Next, our strategy and design team professionals work to develop a preliminary design for the name – a key element of brand identity. Experts in marketing, design and consumer psychology our team explores the interaction of color, symbolism, imagery, balance, evocation and other design elements. The team works to create an initial design concept for use in its likely market application. This design is merely a preliminary concept. Once a client selects a name, the design will be altered to bring the design in congruence with the firms’ specific strategic objectives --sometimes there are minor modifications, other times quite radical design changes.

Brand Testing. The name and design concept are then tested again in an effort to ascertain the overall evocation of the name.

Only names that have undergone the screening, testing and design process are included in our inventory catalog. We’ll work with you to find the perfect brand identity that can be expressed clearly, consistently and cohesively to all your stakeholder groups and across all your brand touchpoints.

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Additional Services:

Brandings offers a full range of advanced services to assist your firm in conducting quantitative and qualitative research, articulating and implementing strategy, registering and incorporation activities, creating and managing the brand experience, managing assets, and creating a unique interactive experience. Talk to your Brandings Strategy & Design Team about theses additional services ...

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Services
  • Strategic Business Planning Services
  • Trademark Registration Services
  • State Incorporation Packages
  • Interactive Experience -- Web Design & Hosting Packages

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