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Cool Company Naming Tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Trap: Make Sure Your Name is Really Available. A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is choosing a name that they can’t use. Trademark issues, corporate registrations, global competition and the finite number of dot-com domain names available make the process more challenging than ever. Be sure that you check availability of your name choice before you launch your start-up. Learn More About Available Names

Tip: Brandable Names Rock. A “brandable” company name is purely invented and fabricated. While a brandable name is not a dictionary word, if strategically constructed, evokes a powerful emotion that is linked to your brand.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Company Name Categories and Search Tips
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Search for the Perfect Name

If you are looking for a truly great name for your new venture, you'll find it here. At we have the largest global inventory of company names that include the exact-match .com domain and designed logo.

The staff at Brandings has been involved in thousands of start-ups. We'll help your business succeed with a powerful name that stands well ahead of your competitors. Get started now ... just click on a category or group that works for you.

brand name generator

Find a short and highly brandable name.

Bold Company Names
Brandable Auto & Truck Names
Brandable Baby Business Names
Brandable Biotech Names
Brandable Business Names
Brandable Construction Names
Brandable Creative Names
Brandable Education Names
Brandable Environmental Names
Brandable Equipment Names
Brandable Farming Names
Brandable Finance Names
Brandable Geographic Names
Brandable Health Care Names
Brandable Home Product Names
Brandable Life Event Names
Brandable Manufacturing Names
Brandable Mining Names
Brandable Parts Names
Brandable Photography Names
Brandable Political Names
Brandable Professional Names
Brandable Real Estate Names
Brandable Recreation Names
Brandable Restaurant Names
Brandable Retail & Shopping Names
Brandable Science Names
Brandable Service Company Names
Brandable Sports Names
Brandable Technology Names
Brandable Toy Names
Brandable Travel & Tourism Names
Brandable Wellness Names
Catchy Company Names
Cool Company Names
Creative Company Names
Cutting-Edge Company Names
Innovative Company Names
Invented Names
One Word Names
Short Brandable Names
Smart Company Names
Team Names
Unique Names
3 & 4 Letter Business Names
5 Letter Company Names
6 Letter Company Names
$595 Super Clearance Names
$995 Super Clearance Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a biotech or science related firm.

5 & 6 Letter Biotech Names
Astronomy Business Names
Biotech Start-Up Names
Brandable Biotech Names
Chemical Business Names
Energy Business Names
Fuel Related Company Names
General Science Company Names
Geography Related Business Names
Invented Science Names
Natural Resource Business Names
Space Exploration Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name in the industry in which you plan to start your business.

Appliance Names
Auto Repair Company Names
Automotive Related Names
Auction Business Names
Beauty Supply Business Names
B2B Company Names
Bank Names
Bookstore Names
Brandable Business Names
Brokerage Firm Names
Career Service Names
Cleaning Service Names
Cleaning Supply Company Names
Clothing Business Names
Collection Company Names
Computer Game Businesses
Consulting Business Names
Cosmetic Business Names
Credit Card Company Names
Dating Service Names
Debt Consolidation Business Names
Defense Business Names
Discount Business Names
Do-it-Yourself Business Names
Drilling Business Names
Emergency Prep Business Names
Employment Service Names
Equipment Company Names
Extermination Company Names
Farming Business Names
Fashion Business Names
Financial Service Names
Fine Art Business Names
Florist Business Names
Forestry Business Names
Garden Supply Company Names
Gift Shop Names
Green Initiatives Names
Home Accessory Company Names
Home Repair Business Names
Human Resource Firm Names
Import & Export Business Names
Industrial Goods and Service Names
Invented Professional Names
Insurance Company Names
Investing Related Business Names
Janitorial Company Names
Jewelry Business Names
Law Office Names
Literature Business Names
Loans & Mortgage Company Names
Locksmith Business Names
Luxury Goods Businesses
Manufacturing Company Names
Marketing Company Names
Material & Commodity Businesses
Media Business Names
Mining Company Names
Office Supply Business Names
Office Support Company Names
Parts Business Names
Payroll Service Company Names
Plumbing Business Names
Publishing Business Names
Retirement Services Business Names
Sales Related Business Names
Security Firm Names
Shipping Company Names
Spa Business Names
Specialty Profession Names
Tax Related Names
Telecommunication Company Names
Tool Company Names
Toy Store Names
Transportation Company Names
Utility Company Names
Venture Capital Firm Names
Veterinary Business Names
Visual Art Company Names
Wedding Business Names
Wholesale Business Names

brand name generator

Find a company name with a particular characteristic.

Brandable Company Names
Bold Company Names
Bright and Light Sounding Names
Catchy Company Names
Cool Company Names
Creative Company Names
Cutting-Edge Company Names
Evocative Company Names
Fast and Urgent Sounding Names
Fresh and Frosty Sounding Names
Fun Business Names
Happy Sounding Names
Innovative Company Names
Invented Names
Names for Luxury Goods & Services
Names that are Fun
Names that Contain a Color
Names that Contain a Shape
Names that end in "ING"
Names that say "Value"
Names that say "Savings"
Names that start with "UN"
Names with 3 and 4 Letters
Names With 5 Letters
Names With 6 Letters
One Word Names
Safe and Secure Sounding Names
Serious Business Names
Short Brandable Names
Smart Company Names
Spiritual Sounding Names
Team Names
Unique Names
Whimsical Names
3 & 4 Letter Business Names
5 Letter Company Names
6 Letter Company Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for an education related business.

Brandable Education Names
College Related Names
Colleges and University Names
Counseling Business Names
Elementary School Names
General Education Names
High School Names
Private School Names
Religious School Names
Technical School Names
Tutoring Service Names
Vocational School Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a leisure firm.

Art Related Business Names
Beach Themed Business Names
Blog Names
Board Game Names
Brandable Entertainment Names
Computer Game Names
Craft Business Names
Dance Club Names
Directory Names
Entertainment Company Names
Event Ticket Business Names
Gambling Related Business Names
Guidebook Names
Hobby Related Business Names
Holiday Related Names
Humorous Names
Massage Business Names
Movie Industry Names
Music Business Names
Nature Related Company Names
Outdoor Related Company Names
Party Business Names
Pet Related Names
Pool Company Names
Publication Names
Reading Related Names
Spa Business Names
Special Event Names
Television Business Names
Toy Names
Writing Related Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for an environmental related business.

5 Letter Environment Names
6 Letter Environment Names
BIO Company Names
Brandable Environmental Names
Climate Related Business Names
ECO Company Names
GEO Company Names
GREEN Company Names
Weather Related Business Names

brand name generator

Find a name for a company that targets a stage in the family lifecycle.

Adoption Related Business Names
Baby Business Names
Baby Product Names
Birth Related Business Names
Brandable Baby Business Names
Child Care Services Names
Child Focused Business Names
Death Related Business Names
Divorce Related Business Names
Family Focused names
Parenting Related Business Names
Wedding Business Names
Youth Related Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a food service business.

Baking Business Names
Bar Names
Brandable Restaurant Names
Cooking Related Business Names
Culinary Company Names
Diner Names
Fast Food Names
Food Product Names
Food Wholesaler Names
General Food Related Names
Liquor Names
Pub Names
Quick Service Names
Restaurant Names
Retail Market Names
Wine Related Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a financial services company.

Accounting Firm Names
Bank Names
Brandable Finance Names
Brokerage Firm Names
Collection Company Names
Credit Card Company Names
Debt Consolidation Business Names
Financial Service Names
Investing Related Business Names
Loans Company Names
Money Related Names
Mortgage Company Names
Tax Related Names
Venture Capital Firm Names

brand name generator

Find a great name targeting a region or country.

Asian Business Names
Brandable Geographic Names
Canadian Business Names
Caribbean Business Names
Central American Company Names
City Specific Business Names
Ethnic Business Names
European Business Names
Indian Company Names
Mexican Company Names
Middle Eastern Business Names
South American Business Names
State Specific Company Names
United States Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a governmental organization or non-profit institution.

Association Names
Brandable Political Names
Charity Names
Government Related Names
History Related Business Names
Legal Business Names
Military Related Business Names
Non-Profit Company Names
Philanthropic Organization Names
Political Names
Union Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a health care business.

5 Letter Drug Names
6 Letter Drug Names
Brandable Health Care Names
Dental Office Names
Eye Care Names
General Health Business Names
Health Clinic Names
Health Insurance Company Names
Health Practitioner Names
Hospital Names
Invented Wellness Names
Medical Condition Names (Specific)
Mental Health Business Names
Nursing Related Names
Nutrition Business Names
Optical Business Names
Optometry Business Names
Pain Management Business Names
Pharmaceutical Company Names
Pharmaceutical Product Names
Psychiatric Business Names
Self Help Business Names
Senior Health Business Names
Sleep Related Business Names
Stress Management Names
Weight Loss Business Names
Wellness Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a home service business.

Appliance Names
Brandable Home Improvement Names
Cleaning Service Names
Cleaning Supply Business Names
Emergency Business Names
Extermination & Pest Companies
Garden Supply Business Names
Home Accessory Business Names
Home Repair Company Names
Locksmith Names
Security Business Names

brand name generator

Search for a business name that targets a special group.

Adult Oriented Business Names
Brandable Life Event Names
Christian Business Names
Church Business Names
Dating & Relationship Businesses
Ethnic Business Names
Gay & Lesbian Business Names
Holiday Business Names
Jewish Business Names
Names for Associations
Names for Awards
Names for Causes
Names that Target Men
Names that Target Senior Citizens
Names that Target Women
Names that Target Youth
Names for a Holiday Business
Special Event Names
Spiritual & Religious Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a product or consumer good.

Appliance Product Names
Automotive Product Names
Beauty & Cosmetic Product Names
Brandable Product Names
Cleaning Supply Names
Computer Game Names
Consumer Goods Names
Electronic Product Names
Equipment Names
Fashion & Apparel Names
Flowers & Floral Names
Food Product Names
Game Names
Garden Supply Names
Gift Names
Home Accessory Names
Household Product Names
Jewelry Names
Luxury Good Names
Office Supply Names
Parts & Component Names
Personal Care Product Names
Pet Related Product Names
Pharmaceutical Names
Specialty Good Names
Tobacco & Cigar Names
Tools Names
Toy Names
Wine & Spirit Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for real estate and development related businesses.

Architecture Firm Names
Brandable Real Estate Names
Commercial Real Estate Names
Construction Business Names
General Real Estate Names
Home Accessory Business Names
Home Improvement Businesses
Home Mortgage Business Names
Home Repair Company Names
Loans Servicing Business Names
Moving Company Names
Names for New Buildings
New Project Development Names
Rental Agency Names
Residential Real Estate Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a retail business.

Appliance Store Names
Auction Business Names
Beauty Supply Business Names
Bookstore Names
Cigar Store Names
Clothing Retailer Names
Computer Game Store Names
Cosmetic Retailer Names
Craft Business Names
Electronic Retailer Names
Fashion Business Names
Flower Shop Names
Game Store Names
Garden Supply Store Names
General Shopping Business Names
Gift Store Names
Health Club Business Names
Hobby Business Names
Home Accessory Store Names
Jewelry Store Names
Locksmith Retail Names
Luxury Goods Business Names
Massage Company Names
Music Store Names
Religious Business Names
Specialty Goods Retailer Names
Tobacco Store Names
Toy Store Names
Wedding Retailer Names
Wholesale Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a sports & recreation related business.

Auto Racing Business Names
Baseball Related Business Names
Basketball Related Business Names
Boating & Water Business Names
Boating Related Company Names
Bowling Related Business Names
Brandable Sports Names
Boxing Related Business Names
Camping Business Names
Coaching Business Names
Cycling Related Business Names
Extreme Sports Company Names
Fishing Related Business Names
Fitness Related Business Names
Football Related Business Names
General Sports Company Names
Golf Related Business Names
Hockey Related Business Names
Outdoor Related Business Names
Rugby Related Business Names
Running Related Business Names
Skiing Related Business Names
Snowboard Related Names
Soccer Related Business names
Specialty Sports Business Names
Sporting Goods Retail Names
Swimming Related Names
Team Sports Names
Watersport Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for an IT start-up.

5 Letter Tech Names
6 Letter Tech Names
Brandable Technology Names
Computer Business Names
Electronics Business Names
General IT Company Names
Hardware Company Names
Information Technology Names
IT Service Business Names
Online Business Names
Programming Related Names
Software Company Names
Tech Start-Up Names
Telecom Business Names

brand name generator

Find a great name for a travel and tourism related business.

Adventure Related Business Names
Air Travel Company Names
Brandable Travel & Tourism Names
Cruise Related Business Names
Destination Focused Names
Lodging Business Names
Tourism Company Names
Transportation Related Names
Travel Agency Names
Travel Guide Names
Travel Related Business Names
Vacation Package Names
Vacation Rental Business Names

Three Easy Ways to Search for the Perfect Name

Your search for a great business name begins here. There are three easy ways to locate the right name for your new venture.

A. Search by CATEGORY.    Find company names using the "SEARCH BY CATEGORY" list in the column to the left.

  • Tip: Most of the categories have a dropdown menu with subcategories.
  • Tip: Consider both industry (examples: education, finance) and attribute (examples: happy, luxury).

  • B. NAME Search.   You can also find a company name that includes a keyword or partial word important in your business. Make your entry, then press "GO."

  • Tip: Keep it short. 3-5 letter words yield the best results -- words like "fund" and "auto."
  • Tip: You do not need to enter a complete word. You can enter a few key letters like "eco" or "vet."

  • C. List of all CATEGORIES & SUBCATEGORIES.    For your convenience, we have provided links to all our categories and subcategories above. Just click on the category that best fits your business operation.

  • Tip: You can find a company name in your industry or marketplace, like "Biotech Industry Names" & "Financial Names."
  • Tip: You can also find names by attribute, like "Happy Sounding Names" & "Luxury Names."

    More Search and Naming Tips

    Tip: Avoid the Siren Call of .NET & .ORG. If you've found the perfect name but it's only available in second-tier domain extensions like dot-net and dot-org, resist the temptation to adopt the name for your new company. Starting a business without the exact-match dot-com domain name will send many of your prospects to the dot-com website, not to yours.

    Tip: Don't Wait to Buy Your Domain Until After Your Launch. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can always acquire the exact match dot-com domain name after you've started your business. This is a costly mistake. If you can't secure the name you want with the matching dot-com extension at the beginning of your start-up, you should select another name. A name change at a later date is exponentially more complex (and much more expensive!)

    Tip: Avoid Names With Unusual Spellings. Your website and internet presence need to be considered when naming your company. Difficult or oddly spelled names will increase the probability of a typo or misdirection when prospects look for your company online.

    Tip: Your Brand is a Valuable Asset. The brand name that you select may well be the most valuable asset held by your business. Take the time to select a company name that is short, memorable, unique and also retain value in the years to come.

    Tip: It Takes Both Science and Art to Create a Cool Name. A successful name choice for your company is a combination of both science and art. Understanding the rules of good name development, targeted testing (both quantitative and qualitative) and a keen eye into the creative side of naming hold promise for crafting a business name that will stand the test of time.

    Tip: Stay Clear of Boring. It's important to select a company name that catches the eye of your audience leaving them with a feeling of WOW. Your name should be short, catchy and have a cool ring to it. Playing it safe with your name choice will unlikely compel your visitors to remember your company from others in your marketplace.

    Tip: Consider a Tagline. The right tagline can help reinforce your selling proposition or corporate mission. Unlike your company name, you can change your company tagline as your company evolves and expands.

    Tip: Keep a List of Company Names That Catch Your Eye. Every time you come across a name that catches your attention, write it down. Include names from any marketplace - not just your industry. Once you've compiled your list, look for themes and commonalities. You'll want a name that is as cool (or cooler!) than the names on your list.

    Tip: Ask for Input, Not a Decision. It's a good idea to get input on your naming choice from your key internal and external stakeholders prior to selecting your company name. Take their comments into account -- but recognize that YOU are the final decision maker.

    Tip: Start a Conversation. Your company name is more than just a series of letters, it's the beginning of a dialog with your audience. You'll want to select a name that triggers an emotional response and conveys the personality of your start-up that will serve as a foundation for an ongoing conversation.

    Whatever your new business needs, we are here to help. Call Brandings Client Service Team today at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-310-246-5100 (Worldwide) or simply click here to contact our office via e-mail:

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