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Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Tip: Pick a Top 15 Trending Name.

Consider a name that's on-trend. Here are the top 15 company names that have been trending over the past 30 days:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Trap: Cut Once. Measure Twice.

Before you launch your new venture you'll want to make sure that you're positioned for success. Temper you zeal and take time to structure a “blueprint" for your new company. The time you spend planning at the very beginning of your start-up could well mean the difference between success and failure. Here's a great resource to help you plan: Business Plan Template.

Tip: Choose a Name With Energy.

You want a name for your company that clearly defines your brand, that creates interest and importantly, sells your good or services. Keep this in mind when making your final business name selection.

Trap: Start-Up Myopia.

Too many entrepreneurs are so just concerned about the launch of their business that they rush to pick a name that's just "ok." Remember that you're building a going concern for long term sustainability. Think 5, 10, even 20 years into the future. Your company name shouldn't just meet your positioning objectives for today, but should keep growth options open in the future.

Tip: Measurable Start-Up Goals.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. You'll want to have clearly defined goals for every functional area of your start-up. From these goals you can set specific and measurable performance objectives.

Trap: Make Sure Your Name is Really Available.

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is choosing a name that they are unable to use. Trademark issues, corporate registrations, global competition and the finite number of dot-com domain names available make the process more challenging than ever. Be sure that you check availability of your name choice before you launch your start-up Learn More About Available Names

Tip: Brandable Names Rock.

A "brandable" company name is purely invented and fabricated. While a brandable name is not a dictionary word, if strategically constructed, evokes a powerful emotion that is linked to your brand.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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If you’re looking to start a business in the food and beverage industry, you’ll know that it’s a tough world out there and you have to use everything in your power to give your business a jump on the completion.

That said, Brandings has put together one of the world’s largest collections of names for a food and beverage business, available restaurant names, available names for a bar or pub, food product business names, wine and spirit business names and a name for just about any other type of business where you’re dealing with food or serving or making a beverage.

You have enough on your plate just getting your business off the ground the last thing you need to think about is finding the right name for your business; and one where you can secure the exact match dot-com domain for it as well. That said, you’ve made the right choice and are checking out the food and beverage names developed by the Brandings Brand Development Team!

Above, you’ll find that the Brandings Brand Development Team has broken down the Food and Beverage Industry into a few different and general categories. Find the one that best fits the “type” of restaurant, bar, food production, retail, or other business you’re looking to start and begin searching for your business name there.

These categories are just general and expansive so be sure to look into several of them; you may just find the perfect name for your business under a classification you would not have thought to look under.

The Brandings Team likes to look at the world differently and often we find that asking ourselves a question in just a different format can help us. With that in mind, we’ve take our categories from above and have reworded them to possibly help you think about what type of food related business name or beverage industry company you would like, and you can find that below.

Are you looking for names for a bar and names for a pub, creative restaurant names, names for a cooking and/or baking business, bread company name, cake business names, cupcake business names. We want to help you name your cake business, we have names for a culinary businesses, food product business names, Arabic food company names, great coffee company names, and so much more!

Also consider short 5 Letter Names for a Restaurant or 6 Letter Food and Beverage Business Names, no one will forget a five or six letter company name!

Have fun exploring and please let us know if we can do anything for you!