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Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Tip: Pick a Top 15 Trending Name.

Consider a name that's on-trend. Here are the top 15 company names that have been trending over the past 30 days:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Trap: Cut Once. Measure Twice.

Before you launch your new venture you'll want to make sure that you're positioned for success. Temper you zeal and take time to structure a “blueprint" for your new company. The time you spend planning at the very beginning of your start-up could well mean the difference between success and failure. Here's a great resource to help you plan: Business Plan Template.

Tip: Choose a Name With Energy.

You want a name for your company that clearly defines your brand, that creates interest and importantly, sells your good or services. Keep this in mind when making your final business name selection.

Trap: Start-Up Myopia.

Too many entrepreneurs are so just concerned about the launch of their business that they rush to pick a name that's just "ok." Remember that you're building a going concern for long term sustainability. Think 5, 10, even 20 years into the future. Your company name shouldn't just meet your positioning objectives for today, but should keep growth options open in the future.

Tip: Measurable Start-Up Goals.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. You'll want to have clearly defined goals for every functional area of your start-up. From these goals you can set specific and measurable performance objectives.

Trap: Make Sure Your Name is Really Available.

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is choosing a name that they are unable to use. Trademark issues, corporate registrations, global competition and the finite number of dot-com domain names available make the process more challenging than ever. Be sure that you check availability of your name choice before you launch your start-up Learn More About Available Names

Tip: Brandable Names Rock.

A "brandable" company name is purely invented and fabricated. While a brandable name is not a dictionary word, if strategically constructed, evokes a powerful emotion that is linked to your brand.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Custom Company Naming for Your Business has developed the largest global inventory of pre-developed company names complete with dot-com domain and logo design.

But if a name from our ready-to-use inventory doesn’t quite fit your needs -- you can put the Brandings company naming team to work for you through our custom company naming services.

Our etymologists, wordsmiths and naming gurus will develop a set of fresh, new, 100% unique company names specifically for your business. We'll send you a short naming questionnaire that serves as the basis of the name development for your project. Your answers on the questionnaire will provide our naming team with direction on the nature and scope of your project.

Fresh Company Names Developed Specifically for Your Start-Up

Within days you'll receive a custom Naming Recommendation Report listing brand new business names all with "exact-match" .com availability. The names we recommend are not in our pre-developed inventory and have never been registered.

Your custom Brand Name Recommendation Report will detail the conceptual framework, methodology, illustrative themes, key messages, input elements, objectives and other foundational factors that guided your project.

We will explain our approach to your project, the tools and methodology that we used in the name devleopment process and our collective thought process in creating names for your business.

It's our goal to be as transparent as possible. This will help you understand why we developed and recommended the set of names for your business.

We offer three custom company naming plans:

Entrepreneur Custom Company Naming
Executive Custom Company Naming
Enterprise Custom Company Naming
Custom Company Naming
Entrepreneur Custom Company Naming
Executive Custom Company Naming
Enterprise Custom Company Naming

Quality Company Naming

The naming team adheres to Brandings company naming guidelines to ensure the highest quality. We will focus on developing company names for your new company that are ...

  • Short in Length -- fewer than 11 characters
  • Easy to Spell -- we stay away from unusual spellings
  • Easy to Pronounce -- business names that sound right
  • Unforgettable -- company names that stick in the mind of your customers
  • Unique -- distinctive business names that stand out from your competitors
  • Hyphen-Free -- hyphens will only confuse your audience
  • Evocative -- names that evoke a positive association with your core benefits and competitive advantage
  • Dot-Com Availability -- the dot-com domain extension is the global choice for business.

After our naming team completes your naming project, you will have full control and ownership of your domain name. You'll simply register your new domain with the domain registrar of your choice -- like, or (These registrars charge an annual fee of about $10.) And if you have questions during the process, we're here to help. There are no additional fees or charges of any kind from

Our Company Naming Process

Sample naming report
Understanding Your Business

Your project begins with an understanding of your internal and external environments.

Your Naming Team

We explain how we approached your naming project.

Sample naming report
Sample naming report
Stratagic Focus

We'll spell out the input sources, requirements and objectives that guided your project.

Foundational Messaging & Your Polestar Core

With your input, we'll craft a core communication message and word set that we feel capture the unique personality of your venture.

Sample naming report
Sample naming report
Conceptual Framework

We'll share the conceptual frame we employed in developing names for your project.

Brand Name Recommendations

You'll get a powerful set of custom-crafted brand names all with the matching dot-com domain.

Sample naming report
Sample naming report
Name Evaluation & Selection

We'll share our insights on how to select the best name for your venture.

Synthesizing Your Feedback (Executive & Enterprise packages)

When you order our Executive or Enterprise Custom Naming packages, we'll get input from you on our process and recommendations.

Sample naming report
Sample naming report
Naming Cluster Report (Executive & Enterprise packages)

Your naming team will reconvene and develop a refined, fresh set of names clustered around your preferred Polestar Core word choices and evocation preferences.

Additional Recommendations & Collaboration (Enterprise package)

For our Enterprise Custom Naming clients, we'll continue with additional rounds of input, collaboration and name development. Our naming team will work with you to refine recommendations until we've found the perfect name for your venture.

Sample naming report
Sample naming report
Preliminary Trademark Screening & Domain Procurement (Enterprise package)

Our naming team will undertake preliminary trademark screening and domain name procurement.

Get Started Now

We have naming solutions for every budget. Select the company naming package that works best for your start-up.

Entrepreneur Custom Company Naming
Executive Custom Company Naming
Enterprise Custom Company Naming
Entrepreneur Custom Company Naming
Executive Custom Company Naming
Enterprise Custom Company Naming