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Cool Company Naming Tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Tip: Keep a List of Company Names That Catch Your Eye. Every time you come across a name that catches your attention, write it down. Include names from any marketplace – not just your industry. Once you’ve compiled your list, look for themes and commonalities. You\'ll want a name that is as cool (or cooler!) than the names on your list.

Trap: Avoid Names With Unusual Spellings. Your website and internet presence need to be considered when naming your company. Difficult or oddly spelled names will increase the probability of a typo or misdirection when prospects look for your company online.

Tip: Pick a Logo That Fits. Your logo design is an important part of your corporate identity. All company names in the catalog come with an editable logo design. Our graphics team can change the color, font, image or layout so that your logo design perfectly fits your company personality.

Trap: Don’t Overlook Brandable Names. Some entrepreneurs exclude names that don’t have a direct relation to their business or describe the product offerings of their company. A brandable name transcends description and can evoke a quality that is at the core of your company or convey a feeling that well positions your firm in the mind of your audience. Find a Brandable Name

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Company Naming Questionnaire
custom naming questionnaire

Brandings Naming Questionnaire

After you have selected a company naming plan and your payment has been processed, we will assemble a team of etymologists and naming professionals to work on your project.

This questionnaire is designed to give the naming team an understanding of your project. We want to create a name that captures the personality and “soul” of your company and clearly differentiates your business from your competitors.

Feel free to answer as many questions as you feel would be useful. The more information you provide, the better our team will have of your company and products/services. All information that you provide is completely confidential and will not be used for any purpose beyond the scope of this project or disclosed to any party outside of the Brandings organization.

When you’ve completed this form, just e-mail it back to your account representative or to You may also return the questionnaire by FAX to 1-310-667-8740.

1. Briefly describe your business concept to someone who has no knowledge of your company:

2. Describe the need being addressed by your business:

3. Describe your target market -- gender, age, geography, and other demographic characteristics:

4. Identify 10 or more words that you would like to communicate to your consumer about your company:

5. If your company was a person, how would you describe its personality?

6. In 10 to 20 words describe the features and attributes of your products or services?

7. Provide the names of your primary competitors:

8. How is your business different from your competitors? (Feel free to provide addresses to their websites.)

9. Are there business name ideas that you’ve already considered and dismissed? If so, why?

10. What names have you seen that you like or catch your eye? (These selections do not have to be related to your business.)

11. Feel free to review names in our online catalog at Which names do you like? (These selections do not have to be related to your business.)

12. Are there any words or phrases that MUST BE included in your name?

13. Are there any words or phrases that you MIGHT LIKE included in your name?

14. Are there any words or phrases that you DO NOT want to see included in your name?

15. Is there a geographic location (street, city, state, country or region) that would like us to consider incorporating in a name? (examples: Texas, Mumbai, Northeast, Canada, Outback, Pacific, West End, Elm Street, Southeast Asia, Midtown, Central London)

16. Personality and character attributes. Following are brand personality attributes presented on a spectrum. For each attribute, place an X on (or above) the circle that best captures the personality of your company or product/services:

A. Clever     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Straightforward

B. Modest     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Flashy

C. Classic     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Edgy

D. Economy     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Luxury

E. Feminine     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Masculine

F. Global     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Local

G. Formal     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Casual

H. Simple     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Complex

I. Whimsical     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Serious

J. Modern     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Traditional

K. Extravagant     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Necessity

L. Emotional     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Logical

M. Urban     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Country

N. Innovative     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Conventional

O. Personal     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Automated

P. Broad Appeal     o    o    o    o    o    o    o     Targeted Appeal

17. Would you like us to include names where the .com domain extension is not available but other domain extensions like .org, .net,, are available? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, what extensions would you like us to consider?

18. Would you like us to include names where the domain name includes additional descriptors? [Examples: SunValley (company name) SunValleyRealty (domain name), Logetics (company name) LogeticsSoftware (domainname)] [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, what additional word(s) would you like the domain name to include?

19. On a scale from 1 (low) to 7 (high), please let us know what type of names you would like us to develop:

A. Invented. Invented names are made-up names that have been “brainstormed” or “created.” These names are unique, distinctive and highly brandable. Examples include, Google, Mindstir, Avoxx, Hulu

    Low    1     2     3    4     5     6     7    High

B. Evocative. Evocative names elicit or draw forth a positive association. Evocative names are short and meaningful and call up a good feeling. Examples include, Boldion, Intellia, Smartetics, Qualcom

    Low    1     2     3    4     5     6     7    High

C. Descriptive/Connotative. Descriptive/Connotative names express the key features or attributes of your company, products or services. Examples include, BestSolar, DrugValues, QualityCarpets, MedSource

    Low    1     2     3    4     5     6     7    High

20. Additional Information: Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know before we begin your project.

E-mail this completed form to your account representative or to You may also return the questionnaire by FAX to 1-310-667-8740.


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